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Partner network prize-winner shares crypto history

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Last week the winner of Collabora Productivity’s LibreOffice Conference postcard contest was posted their prize. This week, winner Rhea Salome Sturm, Swiss native, received her 4kg Toblerone box.

Box of Toblerone being shipped

In Bern last month, we provided free stamps and postcards for LibreOffice Conference attendees to send to co-workers back at the office, entitled “Greetings from Bern!”. In the last six months Collabora Productivity’s network of international partners and resellers has grown to 18, representing business on six continents.

Tobelerone chocolate received by prize-winner
Rhea’s choclatey prize

Web company Founder Rhea has a penchant for cryptographic history, and took the opportunity to share some Swiss computing hardware (with the help of her Toblerone):

My chocolates climbed the German Enigma, and the Swiss NEMA cipher machines. Normally these machines are behind bullet-proof glass. For these pictures we were able to take them out (see photo) — Rhea Salome Sturm, Moka Web Solutions

These machines were used before and during World War II for secret government and military communications. Enigma machines played an important role in the development of modern computing.

Switzerland’s NEMA machine was the successor to an earlier model which had been compromised by German forces – “the Swiss K”. First used in 1945, NEMA was a new design by University of Bern professor of mathematics, Captain Arthur Alder, tasked with being harder to crack than its predecessor.

Rhea with a German Enigma Machine
Rhea with a German Enigma Machine
Swiss NEMA machine with Toblerone chocolate
Swiss NEMA machine avec Toblerone
Enigma machine with Toberone chocolate
Enigma Machine avec chocolate

Thanks to Rhea for sharing her pictures and history!

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