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code-logoAt the same time of the release of the ownCloud news we’ve updated the development edition. CODE is now compatible with ownCloud 9.0 and several improvements have been made.

Check out the list of changes:

  • Possibility to run loolwsd behind a proxy
  • Better localization of user interface
  • Bugfix: do not jump to top of document, when another editor takes over editing
  • Bugfix: menus disappear after pressing Esc key
  • Bugfix: fixed performance problems with large spreadsheets
  • Changes of ownCloud plugin:
    • Compatible with ownCloud 9.0
    • Support file versioning
    • Documents can be created from Files [+] menu (only in ownCloud 9.0)
    • Return to the Files app, when editing started there

How to update

Your VM updates automatically. Didn’t download CODE yet? Head out to the CODE page and get your own VM today!

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